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Rainfall in this part averages 3. The Eastern Ghats may be supposed to end in Palni Hills, south of Kaveri, which flows in a rocky terrain near Srirangam. The Government of India established many protected areas including 2 biosphere reserves13 National parks to restrict human access, several wildlife sanctuaries to protect specific endangered species and many Reserve Forestswhich are all managed by the forest departments of their respective state to preserve some of the ecoregions still undeveloped.

Sharavathi and Someshvara Wildlife sanctuaries in Shimoga territory are the beginning of the Tungabhadra River system. Its unavailability made it hard for people from the fields to cultivate the land and build colonies. It has besides been observed that the coldest periods in the south western ghats coincide with the wettest.

Another major Hydro Electric undertaking is Idukki dike in Kerala. The clime is humid and tropical in the lower ranges tempered by the propinquity to the sea.

Many National Parks were ab initio Wildlife Sanctuaries. The streams are actively busy in cutting back the abruptly rising escarpment of the Western Ghats during the rainy season. The northernmost past is called Simulia hills, the highest peak being Meghsini, which is the meters or the seat of the clouds.

The whole hilly area has a crescent shape. Water from this dike is drawn to the huge coastal field of Tamil Nadu.

The mountains of Eastern Ghats are much more away from the sea as compare to the Western Ghats.

Western Ghats Essay

In the southern tail of Orissa, Mahendragiri peak is meters high. On the average, sea-water contains 3 percent of salt. However, activists do not expect this policy to take proper note of several high-level reports that have made the harmful implications of mechanical dredging clear. The more the stake holders participating in the discussion, the better will be the soundness of the recommendation.

At lower lifts are the South Western Ghats moist deciduous woods. Most of the bigger lakes are situated in the province of Tamil Nadu.

Important rivers include the Mandovi and Zuari. Sahyadhris The major hill scope get downing from the North is the Sahyadhri the benevolent mountains scope.

Western Ghats Essay

Given the enormity and complexity of the task of ESA marking, the authorities must try to bring on board scientists, NGOs, concerned public individuals, and the ordinary people living in the area for the consultative process. The Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve consisting km.

Talakaveri wildlife sanctuary is a critical water parting and the beginning of the river Kaveri. After the arrival of the British in the area, large swathes of territory were cleared for agricultural plantations and timber.

Rice is the chief crop followed by fodder crops. The country is ecologically sensitive to development and was declared an ecological hot spot in through the attempts of ecologist Norman Myers.

Rivers that flow due easts of the Ghats drain into the Bay of Bengal. Karnataka and Sahya Parvatam in Kerala. During the monsoon season. Only manual dredging in small boats does not pose a threat to the environment and people of this region.

It is shocking to note that some two decades ago, the scientist Norman Myers, through extensive field surveys quantified that just about 6. The climate is humid and tropical in the lower reaches tempered by the proximity to the sea.

Power generated by the Koyna Project has been made available to Mumbai since The Ghats are an epic biodiversity reserve. Western Ghats have several man-made lakes and reservoirs with major lakes at Ooty 34 hectares 84 acres in Nilgiris, Kodaikanal 26 hectares 64 acres and Berijam in Palani HillsPookode lakeKarlad Lake in WayanadVagamon lake, Devikulam 6 hectares 15 acres and Letchmi 2 hectares 4.

Karnataka and Goa that will destruct the Western Ghats eco-system. This scope is home to many hill Stationss like Matheran. Law who supervised building of the Coonoor Ghat road.

Eastern Ghats of India | Brief Information of Eastern Ghats | Essay for Students and Children

The South Western Ghats montane rain woods are the most species-rich ecologic part in peninsular India ; 80 per centum of the blossoming works species of the full Western Ghats scope are found in this ecologic part. This region had commercial contact with West Asia and Europe.

It would achieve little. Photo essay: India’s Western Ghats is a haven for endemic amphibians by Krithi K. Karanth on 16 September The Western Ghats are a globally recognized repository of biological diversity for. Great Western Bank Essay. Words Apr 15th, 8 Pages.

Case Case Study Paper On: Great Western Bank I. PROBLEM STATEMENT: The Great Western Bank of San Diego placed an order of 12 special purpose accounting machines with the Data Max Corporation of Cincinnati, OH. Great Western Bank and Data Max, both agreed to a.

Saving the shrinking Western Ghat Today’s crying need is to demarcate the ecological sensitive areas of this priceless natural heritage Regrettably, the central government appears to be dragging its feet over the matter of. The Western Ghats or the Sahyadri constitute a mountain scope along the western side of India.

It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the eight hottest hot spots of biological diverseness in the universe. It is sometimes called the Great Escarpment of India. The scope runs north to south along the [ ]. Konkan Region of India – Essay Article shared by The coastal lowland between Daman in the north and Goa in the south together with west facing steep slopes of the Western Ghats comprise the Konkan Coast.

Article shared by. Western Ghats are chains of hills that run along western edge of peninsular India. They receive high rain fall due to their proximity to ocean and through orographic effect. Covering only 5% of India’s land surface, Ghats’s harbour more than (including endemic) plant species.

Western ghats essay
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